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bp round dish
  • bp round dish

    23,00 €Price

    Handmade black pottery round dish. Nature and earth on your table. 

    • material

      These products are made of clay. Because no glaze is used on the product and the clay is lead-free, no toxic substances are present. The typical black, slightly blotchy colour, is obtained during the smoking process, which takes place after the product has been baked. The beautiful satin shine is generated by polishing with semi-precious stones.

    • use

      On gas or electric stove and in the oven. No induction. Please keep in mind when cooking in clay, the cookware does not like quick, extreme temperature changes. Bring up the heat slowly.

      Handwash, soak them in water for a while and clean with a sponge and regular dishwashing soap. Use of dishwasher allowed, yet not advised.

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