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MAEM is born simply out of passion for interior that goes beyond expensive furniture but breathes a warm zen atmosphere, a safe haven, yet full of personal accents. Aiming to share this warm nest feeling, Ann founded MA-EM, named after her daughters Manon and Emma. Together with Manon, we started organising private home sale weekends, offering a curated selection of ethical interior accessories in a real-life home setting. Together with a group of young, female entrepreneurs, sharing a fair, sustainable and honourable vision these lifestyle weekends soon became an unexpected success.

Joining forces with Katrien brought MA-EM to the next level. Being neighbours and close friends, for over a decade, we share a common passion for non-conventional interior decorating.


Our homes, constantly evolving, are places of inspiration for friends and family. As we are frequently asked to advise them on decorating their homes and workplaces, why not turn our passion into a side-profession challenge?  MA-EM is growing for you and with you. We believe in the power of friendship and want to encourage new connections and partnerships. 



Ann Morel

Miss detail for brands & spaces

With a passion for writing, colours & shapes, it was soon clear to me I wanted to match brains and creativity. I was lucky to build a career in communication and marketing agencies, hotbeds of creative outbursts. From communication I moved smoothly to retail and workspace design developing immersive experiences and build and translate brands, together with (interior) architects and furniture brands. 


Still, I often missed the soul in design, that personal and warm yet non-conventional touch. And so MA-EM was born, as a side profession, inspiring for a pure, zen and safe haven where it’s fun to share family moments, to selfcare, to invite friends or to work. Driven by this love for beautiful surroundings, I opened my home for events, with a clear focus on affordable decoration & lifestyle items. 


Born at the seaside, I live happily in Ghent where I became mom of two wonderful daughters Manon and Emma. They’re my daily inspiration and reason to choose for beauty and quality.

Follow your heart, but take the brains with you. 

Manon Alliet

Cheerful determined youth 

As a young child I grew up in the warmth of MA-EM’s villa, a place I cherish every day. From mom I got the taste for beauty and refinement with a special soft spot for fashion and healthy food. Travelling around the world triggered my desire to embrace new cultures and find exclusive collector's items and coups de cœurs. 


With a broad interest in marketing and lifestyle, I'm active as marketeer in a corporate environment. In combination with that I love meet inspiring people, make grow MA-EM and above all have a great time. 


If realising your dreams includes leaving your comfort zone and walking the unpaved paths, always remember that, doing what you love with the ones you love, is all that really matters while we’re here.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.


Katrien Bruyneel

Mrs. joie – and art de vivre ;-)

Brought up in Ghent in a passionate family where the art of living was common, culture, discussions and mjammie food around a large welcoming table were my daily bread. 


Graduating in the arts in the 80s, quality has been the constant in both my private and professional life. I have dedicated with great passion these last 30 years to culture: working internationally as a performer/actress, making exhibitions, working on books and assisting in the making of theatre productions and films for the artist Jan Fabre.


Art, music, literature, yoga, ecology, nature, travel, good cooking and making beauty fill my days. An art for living I share with both my two boys and my wonderful husband.


Working independently in art and culture, I also got involved in the MA-EM adventure with my wonderful friend Ann. 


My aim is to grow, to learn and to inspire others in search of a deeper, different and more meaningful daily life.


Happiness is not a destiny, it’s a choice. 

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